SpecFUEL Partners, LLC is committed to creating a sustainable alternative fuel source with blends of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and recycled materials.  The SpecFUEL product achieves higher quality standards, functions very well in fuel delivery systems, and performs outstandingly as a coal or petcoke substitute in the combustion process. SpecFUEL is a proven, long-term solution for a variety of combustion needs.


  Continuus Energy, LLC builds, owns and operates state-of-the-art solid fuel pellet processing facilities.  Using our proprietary technology, we process everyday waste streams into a cleaner, high calorific engineered solid fuel substitute.

Waste Management,Inc. is a waste management, comprehensive waste, and environmental services company in North America.



Companies that are looking to be environmentally responsible by striving to reduce their carbon footprint, look at the SpecFUEL opportunity as a viable outlet for their solid waste products.  This fact combined with a SpecFUEL biogenic content of nominally 50%, provides a great story line when discussing the SpecFUEL alternative over landfill avoidance. SpecFUEL provides a readily accessible, high quality product to help ensure long-term commitments with end users.

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Sustainable Fuel Source

Process utilizes Municipal solid waste (MSW) and other waste products

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High Value

High BTU and cost effective Alternative Fuel Source

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Lower Environmental Impact

Low in sulfur and mercury content compared to coal and petcoke and helps save our natural resources

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Proven Process

Full scale state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Philadelphia, PA

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Higher Quality Standards

SpecFUEL is closely monitored and meets US-EPA Non-Hazardous secondary fuel requirements.

Additional Key Benefits

SpecFUEL’s minimum calorific value is approximately 9500 BTU/lb (dry). Higher specified BTU values are achieved by blending a higher percentage of waste plastics. In addition, it’s an energy source that can be easily handled, transported and economically co-fired with biomass and other conventional soild fuels.

The SpecFUEL manufacturing process has the ability to adjust the Particle Size Distribution (PSD) and density in order to maximize the coal or petcoke fuel substitution. Other quality parameters that are closely monitored and adjusted during manufacturing include moisture, chlorine, and calorific value. Inherently, the fuel product is low in Sulfur and Mercury, averaging 0.2% and 50 ppb, respectively. This has a direct impact on emissions as substitution rates are increased.

In August 2013, the United States Environmental Protection Agency recognized SpecFUEL as a non-waste engineered fuel product under the Non-Hazardous Secondary Material (NHSM) Rule (40 CFR part 241). For further information on this designation, please CLICK HERE to view the USEPA Comfort Letter regarding SpecFUEL. The USEPA comfort letter is used to assist end users with state and/or local level permitting requirements.



SpecFUEL converts everyday waste into a clean burning, high value, solid renewable fuel.  Our proven technology is competitive with coal and petcoke pricing. SpecFUEL is made up of 99% paper and plastic and helps reduce waste going into landfills by up to 65%.  Additionally, SpecFUEL has a high BTU content up to 2x Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF)

Incoming Waste

1000 Tons per Day

System Processing 2

System Processing

Multi-stage fuel preparation

SpecFUEL Pellets

SpecFUEL Pellets

400-500 Tons per day


SpecFUEL Markets

Cement, Utilities, Industrial Boilers, Bio-Fuels and Gasification

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